When Are Gemstones Appropriate For Gifts

gemstones as presentsGemstones could also be given out as a gift. Most of the time, these gemstones come with some superstitions. People give it to friends, their mom, or close relatives as tokens to wish them luck and be guided by the superstitions that come along with it.

Every gemstone has a different superstition associated with it. These beliefs vary by country and culture. These superstitious beliefs could be helpful in determining when to give gemstones as gifts.

Giving diamond as a gift for newly weds is also common. This is also the most commonly used gemstone for engagement and wedding rings because it represents the love of man and woman. Aside from diamonds, emeralds could also be given as a gift to newly wed couples. Emeralds symbolize happiness for the couple. They could also mean marital harmony.

Pearls are not usually given as gifts to couples or to other people because it symbolizes tears. Pearls are believed to bring sadness to the person who receives it. Aside from pearls, opals are not considered to be good gifts. It is believed to be a bad luck charm, just like the pearl. Opals are also considered to be a stone for tears. However, some cultures believe that opals are lucky charms. As previously mentioned, superstitions vary by culture and country.

Gemstones are also regarded to be natural healers. Some people say that when you give someone a gemstone, it is like giving him a healing offer. When you also give yourself a crystal, you are also giving yourself a self-healing offer. There are actually many types of gemstones that are believed to have medicinal qualities. Some of these gemstones include emeralds. Emeralds are believed to help women when delivering birth to her baby. It also aids her in curing epilepsy. It could also help the blind.

Aside from emeralds, rubies are said to make health condition more vivid. According to some people, rubies change their colors in accordance with the health condition of the owner. They can show health problems that might not be visible or noticeable to observers and to the wearer herself. It is said to have helped detect changes in one’s health.

Moreover, opals are also believed to improve eyesight and its luster change when there is poison. When the owner dies, it also dies. It becomes dull, and it loses its life. Also, pearls treat jaundice and snake bites.