What Is The Best Diamond Color?

There are many colors available for diamond jewelry. Generally, diamonds are known to be white and colorless but you might be amazed to find out that there are also other colors that you may find. Discussed below are several colors and the attributes for each.

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General Categories

There are several categories considered when using the chart. These categories are the usual ones used when grading the colors of diamonds.

• Colorless

The highest and most pure category is the colorless one. Diamonds are said to be more valuable when they are under this category. This also signifies that colorless diamonds have less faulty substances in them. They appear more brilliant as well.

• Nearly Colorless

The second category is for diamonds that are nearly colorless but have a little color to them. These diamonds are considered valuable still and they usually appear the same with the colorless diamonds to the untrained eye.

• Near Color

These diamonds have the appearance of a vague yellow color. Not really colorless, there is a near obvious yellow coloring that makes them less white.

• Very Vague Yellow Color

The next category is for diamonds that have a very vague yellow coloring to them. They aren’t too yellow though and you can easily mistake them for the more colorless ones.

• Vague Yellow

The second to the last category are for those diamonds that have a vague yellow color.

• Fancy

These diamonds already have the obvious color to them. They appear to have bright colors.

Fancy Colors

Rather than choosing colorless diamonds or those that appear more colorless than colored, you can always choose fancy colored ones. The most common fancy diamond is colored yellow. However, there are several rare colors found like pink, orange, green, blue, and red.


Depending on your own preference, you can choose various colors among the many general categories already mentioned. However, if you want uncommon diamonds for your jewelry collection, choosing more fancy and vivid colors can be very interesting especially if you are able to find the more uncommon colors also mentioned above. To see different colored diamonds in real life, you might want to make use of neutral lighting and videos. James Allen is a great place to start doing that and for you to gain experience.

Take not that the color of a diamond doesn’t always signify its market value since there are other considerations such as the stone’s cut, its clarity, and also its carat. Choosing a diamond will also rely on the specific designs you find and you need to look for those that look durable rather than not. Remember to get a certificate as well because this will help certify the real value of your stone.