How To Get More Out Of Your Next Jewellery Purchase

ruby and diamonds

If you are trying to find a great gift for a special woman, jewelry is a great way to go. Let us provide you with a few tips that can make the process of choosing the perfect gem an easy process.

Tip #1 – Whether you are searching for a personal treasure or looking to profit in reclaiming gold or silver, the most important tool you’ll need is a jeweler’s loupe. Basically, a jeweler’s loupe is a small, but powerful magnifying instrument designed for examining jewelry at close range.

Tip #2 – Consider the type of gemstones you want to buy. You should purchase gemstones that are a reflection of you who are and one that matches your skin tone well. Look for colors in neutral shades that you can wear with any of your favorite clothes. At the end of the day, it makes more sense to purchase something that is functional as well as beautiful.

Tip #3 – Costume jewelry require special care and maintenance routines. Stones in costume jewelry are usually held in place with glue instead of a physical setting. You will need to avoid immersing in liquids and make sure to stay away from the use of harsh chemicals.

To clean such jewelry dampen a cloth with warm water and gently wipe the item. Then use a clean, dry cloth to dry it. This will ensure that the piece does not degrade easily.

Tip #4 – To keep your rings from overpowering your hands, never wear more than two on the same finger. Rings can easily look excessive, and even a series of thinner rings can look overwhelming.

Tip #5 – Question any piece of jewelry that is so cheap it’s too good to be true.

Tip #6 – You need a good clasp for necklaces and bracelets. Unless your necklace or bracelet has a durable closure, you risk losing expensive or sentimental pendants, stones and charms. For very expensive necklaces and bracelets, at least one safety clasp is recommended. Of course, you can also choose to use additional safety clasps in order to keep it secure when you have them on.

ornaments necklaceTip #7 –  Don’t buy novelty jewelry unless you know for sure that the person you’re buying it for will like it. If your wife is a fan of Sleeping Beauty, then a dwarf pendant is an appropriate gift. You obviously don’t want to buy a vintage piece of jewelry if your recipient is into modern jewelry designs.

Tip #8 – Remove your jewelry prior to swimming. The chlorine in pool water is very harsh and may cause fine jewelry to go dull. Likewise, saltwater is just as bad.

Tip #9 –  To keep your necklaces tangle-free, look for pretty, embellished robe hooks. These will also go nicely on a closet door or wall. You can use more than one by lining them in a row and hanging the necklaces by length or color. This keeps your necklaces from balling into a knotty cluster in the jewelry box and keeps things organized.

Tip #10 –  Make sure that you clean your jewelry on a regular basis. Although it may not seem insignificant, you get a risk of getting skin irritations when you don’t clean your jewelry for a long time.

Tip #11 –  When you accessorize simple clothes, use large, ornate jewelry. You can also wear a solid color or the “little black dress” to highlight interesting pieces.

Tip #12 – The difference between 14k, 18k and 22k white gold is largely due to purity issues instead of practical reasons. In fact, you can save alot on the cost of a white gold jewelry while retaining similar properties with a 14k gold jewelry.

Tip #13 –  When buying jewelry, you may want to consider semi-precious stones. These are usually more affordable and found in a wide variety of colors, cuts, and price-ranges.

Tip #14 –  When you’re shopping for jewelry, keep your budget in mind. No piece of jewelry is worth going into debt over. For a young couple with less disposable income, a cheaper ring is a better decision. You can always choose upgrade the stone or the band in the future when you are in a better financial position to do so.

Tip #15 –  A carefully selected piece of jewelry is a nice surprise gift to show your loved one how much you appreciate them.

We hope these jewelry shopping tips have helped you. Feel free to share them with your friends or family members and do explore the rest of our website for interesting reads!